Feb 10

RU Ready?

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Yes, its that time again…to go play in the snow in Russia.


What you missed during the Opening Ceremony
Why Rehearsal Footage was used–IOC
Rage-inducing Language
McDuff Takes a Bite out of Crime
There’s What in the Showers?
Chobani Yogurt not allowed in Sochi


Featured Artists

Jann Klose-Make It Better (3:35)
The Powergoats-Indoor Sunshine(2:41)
Lea Marie-Turning Me On (2:58)
Jonathan Clark-Marissa Smiles (3:54)
Christie Grace-Late Bloomer (3:20)
The Moonshine Millionaires – Tipsy (4:05)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Feb 03
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Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse
Can you be bored to death?
Useless Advice Everyone Gives
Watch The Super Bowl Online


DoeShun- Pop Off.mp3 (3:59)
2 Sided Story-Last Goodbye (3:47)
Bus Stop Dreams-No Summer Without You (3:28)
Smoke Ring Days-Things Are Gonna Get Better (5:57)
Hillary Reynolds Band - Crossing the Line (3:59)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Jan 20

The Big Gorge

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A Peek inside Nickelodeon’s Time Capsule
Comeback for Vinyl?
The Puppy Bowl!
Prepare for the Big Game!
Food Network
Cooking Channel
68 of the Hottest Songs in 2013, in 5 1/2 minutes


The Fump-Christopher Robins Lament By Insane Ian (2:56)
Enlightened Madness-Surrender Dorothy (2:50)
Venomocean-Around The World (4:41)
Chris Flew-Stp Brkn My Hrt Kd (4:25)
Years Of Static-Off In Space (2:39)
Ian Knapp - Spaceman (3:01)

Music Provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Jan 12

CES…and No.

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Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuft Nacho Review–Topless Robot

Behind the CES Floor-where deals are made–The Verge

WWE Network Launch

All the CES Video-The Verge

Comcast to deliver portion of the Olympics in 4K

Any Given Sunday-The Verge

Polar Vortex Driving


Jennifer Richman-Home Inside (3:49)
Enlightened Madness-Lovely Empty Strong And Brave (5:20)
Novi Novak - Friends and Enemies (3:28)
Voodookings-Close My Eyes (4:36)
Shy-Clubs And Hearts (3:13)

Music provided by Music Alley by Mevio.

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Dec 22
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It’s the final show of 2013, and there is an astonishing lack of lists, best of this, worst of that, and every other bit of navel-gazing that is prevalent en between bites. This episode is a tad heavy on food and thievery. Enjoy!

How to Make Fries That Taste Like McDonald’s-The Daily Meal
Bonus: 10 McDonald’s Items You Can Make at Home-The Daily Meal
Check Your iPad before Leaving WalMart-The Consumerist
Wal-Mart sells FL man a fake iPad-WFLA-TV
The Most Annoying Word in America-The Blaze
McDonald’s Mighty Wing Dilemma-USA Today, The Consumerist
Cocoa Six Ways-The Consumerist
Cocoa Coma-The Blaze

The Jay and Dan Podcast-Fox Sports
The Crabfeast-All Things Comedy
The Morning Stream-FrogPants
Roderick On The Line-Merlin Mann and John Roderick
Back To Work-5by5
Free For All-GFQ Network



Geoff Smith – Gravity (2:09)
Winzenried - Therapy (4:06)
Hollywood Drunks-Hollywood Drunk (3:29)
Joel Turner-She Drives A Truck (2:58)
AbaNDa SHAKE – Cat (3:39)
Soft Plastic-Halilopeux (3:17)
Alona-The Missing (3:43)
Uncle Seth – Get Out of My Face (6:09)
Stripwired – Drop the Bomb (3:48)
2 Sided Story-My Juliet (3:55)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Dec 16
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The Consumerist: International Fast Food Offers Winter Whopperland, Pizzas Topped With Pizzas.
A Wierd Pizza from Sinapore
China Makes it to the Moon!
TheBlaze: Laughter the Best Medicine? http://google.com/producer/s/CBIwopfUlg8
Toilet of the future
Cavity free candy

Featured Artists:

Jamie Gray – every time you fall (4:07)
Venomocean-Back For More (4:56)
Soraia-Like A Woman (3:04)
The Whispering Tree-Remember Waiting (3:25)
Millencolin-Ray (2:52)

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Dec 02

Green Weekend!

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Welcome to December!

In the post-Black Friday world, it is time to step back and reflect. Was getting up so early or staying out so late really worth it? How much did you save, and how much did you gain? Certainly nort more than me, who did all his HTPC shopping online. While you are out, you should probably get the 7 Things We are Running Out Of...before they’re all gone. Don’t shop for your PS4 onĀ Craigslist…or else.

How did our friends across the pond handle their first Black Friday/Pre-Holiday Shopping Extravaganze? Let’s find out.

Are you rebuilding a PC and find you only have the Upgrade version of Windows 7? Here’s how to fix it.

(in order of appearance)

Deirdre Flint-Food (3:48)
Dz-The Only One (3:10)
Anji Bee-Whole Wide Word By The Grooveblaster Anji Bee – 2008 (3:49)
Blade Of Grass-Belizean Girl (2:39)
Fifteenth Summer-Graceless (2:49)
Andrew Abaria-We Are The Underdogs (3:23)
Kevin Anthony – Up All Night (3:34)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Dec 02

HTPC Update

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At long last the build is complete! Here’s what I used:

ASUS AMD A55 SATA 3.0 Gb-s 240-Pin DDR3 2400 Motherboards F2A55-M/CSM
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10)
Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow V300
Raidmax Hybrid 530W ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply RX-530SS
AMD A6-6400K Richland 3.9GHz Socket FM2 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor AMD Radeon HD AD640KOKHLBOX

Now for Pictures:

These are the parts of the HTPC:



Lo, the case appears!




Preparing to Install…way too early in the morning.


The Ceton InfiniTV6 Card is the only expansion card used here, as the A6 has graphics built in. It is running smoothly, and I am now looking for some terabytes to add to the machine.

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Nov 25

Llama Wins!

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration
Peanut Butter and Jelly and…Racism?
The End of Winamp


Seventh Epic-Radar (3:57)
The Fump-Who Is The Doctor By Devo Spice (4:44)
Andrew Ferris-Smile (3:33)
Monk Turner-Demented Dustin (4:17)
Bus Stop Dreams-No Summer Without You (3:28)
Peter Bjorn And John-Young Folks (4:33)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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