Welcome to December!

In the post-Black Friday world, it is time to step back and reflect. Was getting up so early or staying out so late really worth it? How much did you save, and how much did you gain? Certainly nort more than me, who did all his HTPC shopping online. While you are out, you should probably get the 7 Things We are Running Out Of...before they’re all gone. Don’t shop for your PS4 onĀ Craigslist…or else.

How did our friends across the pond handle their first Black Friday/Pre-Holiday Shopping Extravaganze? Let’s find out.

Are you rebuilding a PC and find you only have the Upgrade version of Windows 7? Here’s how to fix it.

(in order of appearance)

Deirdre Flint-Food (3:48)
Dz-The Only One (3:10)
Anji Bee-Whole Wide Word By The Grooveblaster Anji Bee – 2008 (3:49)
Blade Of Grass-Belizean Girl (2:39)
Fifteenth Summer-Graceless (2:49)
Andrew Abaria-We Are The Underdogs (3:23)
Kevin Anthony – Up All Night (3:34)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.