Today I decided to build my own HTPC. It’s both exciting and unnerving as analysis paralysis sets in and I can’t decide which board or chip to go with. Plus many more things of interest from the internet.

Bonus Links

9-year-old kid’s amazing talent

Slow TV

The Illusion of Choice

Blockbuster is closing…sort of

XBox Gamer Gets XBox One…One Day Early


Featured Artitsts:

Ernie Halter-My Heart Is With You (3:10)
Bobby Johnson-I Got Your Back (3:11)
Renee Winter-Alive (3:40)
Fedora Brown-Good Feeling (5:23)
the British IBM – Animal (2:35)
Bo Renaud-Love Is War (3:03)

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.