Sep 29

Chocolate Pain

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This week I return from the sick bay with a new program focusing on friends, needles, and chocolate.


Murder or Suicide?
Chocolate Prices Rising?
European Kit Kat
FIrst World Problem: Martha Stewart and her iPad

BONUS: Kit Kat Pix!

20130928_213744[1] 20130928_214217[1] 20130928_214424[1] 20130928_214430[1] 20130928_214543[1] 20130928_214211[1]

Featured Artists:

Geoff Smith-Digg The Code (2:35)
Fifteenth Summer-Losing (4:03)
the British IBM – CGE Adventures (3:12)
Boggie-Drunk And Dizzy (3:09)
Smart Bomb Radio-Sherlock Holmes On A Date (1:58)
Jim Armstrong-Joe Fresh (3:50)
Soft Plastic-Halilopeux (3:17)
Codie Prevost - Cruising Song (2:31)

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Sep 15
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This week I remark on the weather, and the new fall television season. I do not talk about 9/11, politics, or football.

Featured Artists:

Abanda SHAKE – Cat (3:39)
Lee Coulter-Booty Voodoo (3:02)
Jenn Summers-Get Better (3:03)
Ethan Smith – Speechless Again (3:29)
bill – sound scientist (4:53)
Jason Sinay-Santa Rosa (3:05)
Derek Sonderfan – 100 Songs (2:49)


Music Provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Sep 08
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Ryan Seacrest booed by Broncos fans at NFL pregame
The  Rebirth of Cassette Tapes
Google/Nestle’s Android Kit Kat

Featured Artists
(in order of appearance)

Straight Outta Junior High-Fantasy Football
Bus Stop Dreams-No Summer Without You
Rj and The Del Guapos-You Ain’t So Such A Much
Dr. Awkward - Geekquilibrium
Jonathan Clark-Marissa Smiles
Journey South-Reconcile Our Love

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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